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Restore as much as 30% of your of your solar panel's efficiency with regular solar panel cleaning in Carlsbad, CA.

Do you have solar panels set up?

Without regular clean ups over time, particles such as pollen and dust build up on your panels, decreasing their effectiveness. This build up can affect how much sunlight converts to energy and can reduce your energy output by as much as 30% (based on personal experience), resulting in hundreds of dollars of lost energy savings each year.

Rain & garden hoses are not enough to wash away these solar panel build up. Like how your car looks after a night of rain, dirt and hard water spots end up making matters worse.

We only use the safest & most effective way to clean solar panels: we use purified water to prevent hard water residue & solar safe brushes specifically designed for solar panel glass deep cleaning, which also protecting them from damage. 

Keeping your panels clean is the best way to ensure you are maintaining optimal energy production. Call us at (619) 786-7073 for a FREE estimate.

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Good people are hard to find and Igor at Freshwater Exteriors is most definitely one of the good ones. I have worked with many vendors for the past few decades on the properties that I manage in San Diego and nobody has worked harder, been more fair with his price, and had such attention to detail as Igor. Will definitely be coming to him again for his services.

Sara H.

Offering Both Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing in San Diego, CA

Residential Pressure Washing
Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Have you noticed your solar panels aren’t saving you as much energy anymore like when you installed it for the 1st time? Imagine where else you can deploy your wealth if you can save more on energy costs. Hire our team for solar panel cleaning in San Diego, CA to make sure you maximize your energy savings, so you are free to invest in different investment vehicles to grow your wealth.

Commercial Pressure Washing
Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

We do full-service industrial & commercial solar panel cleaning. Unlike residential properties, commercial properties are using solar panels at scale & have more to savings to lose without them properly cleaned. As a business, you need every piece of savings you can get, especially during a challenging economy. Hire our professional team for solar panel cleaning in San Diego, CA to ensure your solar panels maintain maximum efficiency for your business. 

Maximize your solar panel efficiency all year.

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How often you should have your solar panels cleaned depends on where you live.

At the very least, you should have your solar panels cleaned annually, but we always recommend doing it twice per year to maintain optimal energy output. In San Diego, we have a lot of dry days, so grime continues to build up and harden.

Consistent cleaning typically increases your panel output efficiency by 5% to 25% , depending on how dirty the panels are.

The best times for panel cleaning are Spring and Summer months due to minimal rain.

Discounts are available when you schedule a solar panel cleaning maintenance plan in San Diego by calling us at (619) 786-7073

Why hire a professional?

Unprofessionally handling & cleaning solar panels can lead to unintended misuse & damage, leading to voiding your solar panel’s warranty.

Like gutter cleaning, solar panel is an “easy” job but is also simultaneously dangerous.

One slip could lead to disaster. At the very least, you’ll get wounds, broken bones, and/or bruises. At worst, the fall could be fatal. Then, there’s also the costs of hospitalization. Now the question becomes, are these risk factors worth saving a few hundred dollars?

If the glass is broken — even just a small crack — water can leak into the workings of the solar panel. Such damage increases the risk of electrocution. 

Professionals like Freshwater Exteriors will make sure to inspect your panels to make sure there’s no damage before cleaning them.


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