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San Diego, CA

Give your property a fresh new look & better air quality with proper window cleaning in San Diego, CA. Having clean windows is one of the fastest ways to improve curb appeal!

Windows affect you more than you think...

Windows help regulate temperature during hot & cold seasons to help save your utility bills, & cleaner windows promote better air quality in your home.

Unclean windows not only stifles your air quality but can also cause permanent staining on the glass panes, reducing their insulating properties and your property’s overall curb appeal.

Finally, unclean windows can affect your health, mood, & productivity by blocking more than 50% of the sunlight that’s suppose to enter your home. Sunshine and natural lights have been proven to improve your mood and give you a better quality of life.

Window Cleaning Can Also Detect Other Problems

When we clean your windows, we will also notify you if we see:

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We take our service seriously. From start to finish, we ensure you have a 5-star experience. We will show you before & after photos, & if something bothers you, we won't leave until you are satisfied with our work!

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Worried of any damage to your property? Even as experts, we want to protect you even further! Our policy covers both our clients & employees just in case something goes wrong.


48 Hr. Quality Warranty

Still worried our service team may miss something in our work? Rest assured, our clients are protected by a 48 hr. quality warranty. We take ownership of our service. Just give us a call, & we'll happily come back if we made a mistake!

The whole process from scheduling to actual appointment was very smooth. Our windows look fabulous, we are setting them up with regularly scheduled washes.

Igor was courteous, professional and thorough.

If you are thinking about getting your windows cleaned, Igor is the go-to guy! Freshwater Exteriors.

Professional, punctual, and a great price!


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Having clean windows is one of the fastest ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home. With San Diego weather being rainy in Fall & Winter, grime & dirt from the rain can especially affect your windows during the Spring & Summer.

If you’re living in a house with a nice view here in San Diego, you would definitely want your windows to be as clear & clean as possible to enjoy it.

We often recommend our customers to get their windows cleaned at least once every 3-6 months to keep their windows cleaned year-round.

It’s even more important for businesses and rental properties to keep their windows cleaned regularly to attract new current and new customers. We recommend businesses get a custom window cleaning package with us. It’ll be one of the best investments you can make for your business.

In fact, realtors recommend a window clean before an open house to instantly increase it’s resale value in the market. 

A better image for your property can immediately get you the best 1st impression from people that matter. Call us at (619) 786-7073 for a FREE estimate!

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We provide window cleaning and all other home services to all of San Diego, CA and surrounding areas. We service to these nearby cities:

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